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WPBakery AI

Since 7.2

The WPBakery Page Builder AI represents a transformative advancement in website development. An active support tenure allows access to AI which is designed to empower you with the ability to effortlessly generate and enhance text and custom code. Whether you need to create compelling textual content or fine-tune intricate custom code, such as HTML, Custom CSS, and JS, the WPBakery Page Builder AI is your partner in streamlining website development.

Any element field that supports AI generation will have the following icon next to it:
AI icon visible on element fields

Once that icon is clicked, it will open the WPBakery AI window. The Code generation window available in Custom CSS, Custom JS, Raw HTML, and RAW JS has only one field take query input for code generation The Content generation window has three content types:

  1. New content:
    This is used to generate new within the field.

  2. Improve existing:
    Any existing content can be improved using this option.

  3. Translate:
    Translate to any language using this option.

The Describe content field is the field where the AI prompt needs to be entered. Be as descriptive as possible while entering the description.

Here is an example:
Write an eye-catching headline for the sales page of the cake shop.

The other fields such as Tone of Voice, Length, and Keywords are used to fine-tune the output of generated text.

Once the Generate option is clicked, it will generate the content within the Output field. It can then be added to the field using the Insert option.

If you want an alternative output, you can change the values in the above fields and then Regenerate the output again.

Please note that generating long articles will take longer time as compared to the content in the Title or short description format.

You can also use AI to generate custom CSS and JS code wherever WPBakery allows CSS and JS code to be entered. This includes WPBakery > Custom CSS, WPBakery > Custom JS (for global CSS and JS ) and Page Settings > Custom CSS settings, Page Settings > Custom Javascript ( for local CSS and JS).  

For a more specific CSS selector, the AI will generate a generic CSS selector prefixed with the class or id  ‘wpbai’. You will have to change the selector and choose the correct CSS selector depending on the element.

AI credits:

Having an active support tenure of a plugin license will give you 20,000 AI credits per month per license. These credits are utilized when you use AI to generate any content and are automatically renewed every month. It will soon be possible to buy more AI credits if the monthly limit has been exhausted.
If you have a plugin that was received with the theme, then purchasing a direct license will provide you with access to the AI feature. 
If the support tenure of the existing license has expired, then it can be renewed under the licenses section of the account.

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