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WPBakery SEO

Since 7.4

The SEO feature allows you to take control of the content SEO from within the page builder interface. Whether you’re fine-tuning meta descriptions, conducting SEO content analysis, or managing social media image displays, WPBakery SEO has you covered.

The SEO feature can be accessed directly from the toolbar in the frontend or backend editor.

wpbakery page builder toolbar

It has three tabs:

  1. General: It allows you to control the display of the title, meta description, page slug, and keywords. The best part is you can generate most of this using AI.
  2. Content Analysis: This section analyzes the content and recommends changes to improve the content.
  3. Social: Manage how your content appears on platforms like Facebook and X. Take charge of titles, descriptions, and images for impactful social media sharing.
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