Save Param Values in Shortcode String

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Save Param Values in Shortcode String

In order to always save param value in shortcode string, it is required to use param key from vc_map – save_always. This param key has boolean type values with “false” set as default and need to be changed.

Important: If param has dependency it will not be saved if parent param is not triggered to call this dependency by default.


In the example below save_always is applied to full_width param and once the row is added/saved the full_width param will be saved and displayed in shortcode string.

vc_map( array(
  'name' => __( 'Row', 'js_composer' ),
  'base' => 'vc_row',
  'is_container' => true,
  'icon' => 'icon-wpb-row',
  'show_settings_on_create' => false,
  'category' => __( 'Content', 'js_composer' ),
  'description' => __( 'Place content elements inside the row', 'js_composer' ),
  'params' => array(
  'type' => 'dropdown',
  'heading' => __( 'Row stretch', 'js_composer' ),
  'param_name' => 'full_width',
  'value' => array(
  __( 'Default', 'js_composer' ) => '',
  __( 'Stretch row', 'js_composer' ) => 'stretch_row',
  __( 'Stretch row and content', 'js_composer' ) => 'stretch_row_content',
  __( 'Stretch row and content (no paddings)', 'js_composer' ) => 'stretch_row_content_no_spaces',
  'save_always' => true,
  'description' => __( 'Select stretching options for row and content (Note: stretched may not work properly if parent container has "overflow: hidden" CSS property).', 'js_composer' )

The common problem with saving standards is that template is not synced with vc_map values.

Example of template:

  size = big
  color = red
  align = center

Example of vc_map:

  params = array(
  type = textfield
  param_name = size
  value = small
  type = dropdown
  param_name = color
  value = array(
  type = dropdown
  param_name = align
  value = array(
  std = right

As you can see there is the following issue: default in template is different from vc_map resulting in problems when rendering/saving shortcode in version 4.6 or higher. To avoid this issue use one of the proposed solutions:

1) Sync all defaults

2) In template skip using of shortcode_atts, instead use $atts = vc_map_get_attributes( ‘shortcode_name’, $atts ); // recommended

3) Update vc_map and add save_always key for all params ( not recommended but in some cases it can help if shortcode does not have a default value – for example default value is dynamically received such as LayerSlides, posts_id and etc.)

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