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Element Presets (My Elements)

Starting from WPBakery Page Builder version 5.2 it is possible to save any element with custom values of element parameters as My Element. These elements will appear in Add Element window “My Element” tab. To create a new element, add existing element to the canvas, set your own parameters and locate settings option (“gear” icon) in the upper-right corner of the element parameter window.

It is possible to remove created custom elements via “Manage Elements” in “My Element” tab.

Create New ElementSave as element in element settings

In order to create new element preset:

1) Open element parameter window and change values to desired
2) Open Element Preset controls (“gear” icon)
3) Choose “Save as element”
4) Enter element name and save

Add Element to Canvas

In order to add an element :

1) Open “Add Element” window
2) Select from list of elements your element

Delete Element

In order delete preset:

1) Open “Add Element” window
2) Navigate to “My Elements” tab
3) Click “Manage elements” button
4) Select elements from the list and click “Delete” icon

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