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Image Filters


Starting from WPBakery Page Builder version 4.6 it is possible to add a filter to image elements within WPBakery Page Builder adapted Media Library. There are currently 20+ image filters available for use in any WPBakery Page Builder element which uses Media Library as a source for image display.

Note: Image Filters do not replace original image instead of making duplication of the original image and applying a filter to it.

Adding Image Filter

In order to insert image filter:

1) Access Media Library through WPBakery Page Builder element which has image selection parameter available

2) Choose existing image or upload new

3) With the image selected choose Image Filter you want to apply in “Attachment Details” section of Media Library (See screenshot)

4) Add image by clicking “Set Image” button


Note: Large images may take time for filters to be applied







Image Filter Adding – Video Tutorial

In the video below you can see how you can quickly add Image Filters to your WordPress page by applying a filter to Single Image.


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