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To override directory where WPBakery Page Builder should look for template files for content elements call vc_set_shortcodes_templates_dir() function from your functions.php file. By default WPBakery Page Builder is looking for template files in this order:

  1. js_composer/include/templates/shortcodes/%shortcode_base%.php
  2. %active wp theme%/vc_templates/%shortcode_base%.php
  3. If it fails to find template file you will see a PHP notice. “Notice: Template file is missing for `%shortcode_base%` shortcode. Make sure you have `wp-content/themes/your_theme/vc_templates/%shortcode_base%.php` file in your theme folder
<?php vc_set_shortcodes_templates_dir( $dir ); ?>


Param name
$dir String New template directory path where WPBakery Page Builder should look for template files


How to change default template directory where WPBakery Page Builder looks for content elements template files.

$dir = get_stylesheet_directory() . '/vc_new_templates_dir';
vc_set_shortcodes_templates_dir( $dir );

Note: You as a developer should decide what function to use in your theme get_stylesheet_directory() or get_template_directory()

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