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To override directory where WPBakery Page Builder should look for template files for content elements call vc_set_shortcodes_templates_dir() function from your functions.php file. By default WPBakery Page Builder is looking for template files in this order:

  1. js_composer/include/templates/shortcodes/%shortcode_base%.php
  2. %active wp theme%/vc_templates/%shortcode_base%.php
  3. If it fails to find template file you will see a PHP notice. “Notice: Template file is missing for `%shortcode_base%` shortcode. Make sure you have `wp-content/themes/your_theme/vc_templates/%shortcode_base%.php` file in your theme folder
<?php vc_set_shortcodes_templates_dir( $dir ); ?>


Param name
$dirStringNew template directory path where WPBakery Page Builder should look for template files


How to change default template directory where WPBakery Page Builder looks for content elements template files.

$dir = get_stylesheet_directory() . '/vc_new_templates_dir';
vc_set_shortcodes_templates_dir( $dir );

Note: You as a developer should decide what function to use in your theme get_stylesheet_directory() or get_template_directory()

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