WPBakery Page Builder vs. Visual Composer Website Builder?

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WPBakery Page Builder vs. Visual Composer Website Builder?

Starting from October 2017 Visual Composer Page Builder plugin for WordPress has been renamed to WPBakery Page Builder. These changes will not affect any further updates of the plugin and customers who purchased Page Builder in the past will be able to receive WPBakery Page Builder updates with no extra charge.

Why WPBakery Page Builder?

1st of November envato updated their exclusivity policy which affected marketplace authors including WPBakery. Due to the change in policy, we couldn’t use the same trademark for our new product the Website Builder plugin and Page Builder plugin at the same time. And decided to rebrand old and well-known plugin to “WPBakery Page Builder” plugin.

So what is the difference between WPBakery Page Builder and Visual Composer?

Visual Composer Website Builder and WPBakery Page Builder are both independent products. Saying that they can’t be simply replaced one by another (yet, we have plans to write a migration tool later on).

WPBakery Page Builder takes care of the content part, while the Website Builder is a new product that aims to offer solutions for the creation of the whole website (ex. add logo and menu elements). Regarding Design Options, Visual Composer Website Builder offers a lot more features and libraries. In addition, the Website Builder has Visual Composer Hub where premium class elements and templates available for download.

Visual Composer Website Builder is a completely new WordPress builder plugin released under the Visual Composer trademark. Tailored for performance and user experience, it combines the best features of the page builder in a new way with completely fresh ideas never seen in WordPress.

The WPBakery Page Builder is and will be available on wpbakery.com and will receive new feature updates and continued support.

What’s up with the name change?

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