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Module Manager

The WPBakery Page Builder 7.7 update introduced a powerful new feature: the Module Manager. This tool provides a modular approach to managing the plugin’s features, allowing users to streamline their workflow by enabling only the features they need. The Module Manager can be accessed under: WPBakery Page Builder – Module Manager, next to General Settings. 

With the Module Manager, users can easily disable unnecessary features, reducing the plugin’s footprint. This customization capability ensures that you have full control over your site’s functionality, tailoring the page builder to suit your specific requirements.

The intuitive interface of the Module Manager makes it simple to toggle features on or off with just a few clicks. This flexibility not only enhances user experience but also aids in troubleshooting by isolating features that might conflict with other plugins or themes.

Moreover, by disabling unused features, you can keep your site’s backend cleaner and more efficient. This modular approach reflects WPBakery’s commitment to providing a user-centric tool that adapts to diverse needs.

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