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First of all, I would like to thank you for the potential interest in my Visual Composer plugin. And I am really glad that you see all the benefits that Visual Composer can add to your awesome WordPress theme.


What is happening?

On 22nd of January, 2013 Envato updated their licenses and it is no longer possible to use items from marketplaces within your own items that will be for sale on Envato marketplaces, without a partnership agreement between two authors. In this case between me (Michael M) and you (Envato author).

In Stock Usage License

The good news are that we can still work together and make this world better. I've created online form, where you can transform your "Extended license" to the "In Stock" usage license.

Please note: That separate "In Stock" license is required for each of your themes that are for sale on ThemeForest.

How to get "In Stock" License?

  • Head over to the Visual Composer's page and obtain "Extended license"
  • Then fill out this form and my permission will be emailed to your email address
  • Last, but not least. Please consider adding an attribution link to my Visual Composer in your item's description page

What is next?

Now, you should follow the Visual Composer Theme Integration instructions to integrate plugin into your theme.

Thank you once again! Michael M, WPBakery

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